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Great Climate-controlled Facility


   YouYou Space’s units are all climate-controlled in door units. We provide the best environment for you to protect your belongings. Temperature controlled air systems which heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Your valuables are protected from temperature extremes. Humidity controlled system helps prevent molds, mildew, mites, rust, paper rot, and degradation of wood by maintaining low humidity. Our freight elevator helps you to store and pick up your stuff easily.

1. What’s the difference between Climate Control and Regular garage-type storage?
At You You Space,the climate control rooms are kept between 18-25 degrees C. We use a separate dehumidification system year-round to keep humidity around 60%. Our Climate Control buildings have a central air system providing better ventilation without the worry of leaks or dampness.


2. Does climate control help prevent pests?
Many researches shows that the cleaner environment prevents not only normal pests insects do not like low humidity, but also protects against dust mites, mildew, rust, paper rot and degradation of wood items. At You You Space, we have many fashionable female customers are especially like our clean facility environment.


3. Is climate control more secure?
   The climate control buildings offer an extra level of protection with an outside security door. We also have security cameras covering each entrance and hallway and automated lighting in our climate control hallways to monitor security and provide our customers with safe 24/7 access. So not only your belongings but also you are very safe in our store whenever you visit.


4. What type of items benefit from climate control storage?
Electronics, Televisions, Computers
•  Appliances
•  Musical Instruments & Equipment
•  Antiques & High-End Furniture
•  Bedding, clothing, leather
•  Paper products, photos, files and documents
•  Metals subject to rusting
•  Artwork, paintings, books
Store today and enjoy the benefits of true CLIMATE CONTROL! Just call Youyou Space at 400-680-1716 or E-mail:


Other Features
On-site resident manager
Computer- controlled gates

Extensive lighting throughout

24hours security staff check

Low month-to-month, year-to-year rental

Cash/ Major Credit cards are accepted.