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Here’s answer to your storage problem



People on the move


   Moving in or out? You You Space offer the ideal way to store your household goods and personal belongings until you find your new place.



Specialists and Professionals:


   Doctors’ offices, dentists, pharmaceutical reps, restaurants, need extra place to storage your excess inventory, patient records, unused seasonal items, pharmaceutical products, equipment, and more. It is typically more economical to rent a storage unit than to expand office space and a clean office is always a much more productive office. With your extra clutter in storage you’ll have more time to concentrate on what really matters.


   Here’s the answer for everyday clutter: excess furniture, hobby and exercise equipment, music instrument, camping equipment, and sport goods. Even your temperature sensitive items will be safe in our climate-controlled space whit access 24 hours a day, 7day a week. We can even offer mailing service and shipment receiving when you’re away.


   Store your tools, equipment, and excess material and have them readily available when the need arises.

   Get that extra space you need for excess inventory, either long-term or seasonal in nature. We can adjust your space periodically as your needs fluctuate.

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