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   Owning and operating your own business can be a financially and personally rewarding venture. However, as your company grows and you take on more clients and staff, you might just run out of office space. 

   You will probably want to avoid spending a fortune purchasing more commercial real estate and similarly avoid filling your office with enormous amounts of paper files and excess inventory. 

   You You Space Self Storage offers office storage spaces that are perfect for business who have an overflow of inventory, paperwork, or other items. Even large, bulky objects like file cabinets and office furniture can fit with ease in our business storage units.


 A first professional impression on customers is very important. A messy office space doesn't inspire confidence, which is why so manybusinesses store their valuables with us. Whether you own a large business or are just launching a start-up, You You Space’s moving team and storage service can handle your needs.
   Don't keep boxes and clutter in your workspace. Store it with You You Space Self Storage instead! Moving your office items can be stressful, which is why we provide professional moving team, trucks, dollies, and carts to help you transport your assets quickly and without stress. 
   If your business is all about dollars and sense, then you're sure to see that our office storage solution is the smartest way to assist your business in Shanghai, one of the most expensive high price cities in the world.
   Many business office use You You Space high security units to house their excess inventory, customer records, financial documents, pharmaceutical products, office equipment, and more because it is more economical to rent a storage unit than to expand office space and a clean office is always much more productive. With your extra clutter in You You Space high security units you will have more time to concentrate on what really matters…
Examples of businesses that use self storage contain

 Retail stores
 Trading companies
  Health clubs
  Pharmaceutical sales
  Service Apartment management
 Doctor’s offices

If you'd like to have a simple and easy storage solution that meets all your company's needs, you should consider using You You Space self storage, the ideal solution for your daily business.

Good service with great reasons why people like You You Space

Flexibility – No matter short-term or long-term, You You Space Self Storage rentals that offer the flexibility that most companies desire. You don't need to rent units until your business requires the extra space. This gives you a chance to focus on growing your business without worrying about unexpected costs.

Reliability - Security remains a primary concern for most business owners. When you run out of space at your office, you can protect your products by keeping them in our reliable You You Space Self Storage Unit. As the first SSAI member in the mainland of China, You You Space works hard to bring you a great storage experience.

Document Storage - If your company deals with large amounts of paper documents, you will definitely benefit from leasing our high security storage units because we only allow people who with exclusive IC key to access our facility. There is only authorized personnel can enter. Moreover, the entire facility is totally climate-controlled environment, which provide further protection from moisture condensation, mold buildup and mildew.
Document destruction service - Document destruction service - We also provide professional destruction service. We can destroy your files safely when you don't need them. For example: Daily documents, Accounting records, Archive files, CDs, Harddrivers and so on.

Convenience - Aside from protecting your files and inventory, we also provide convenience. You You Space facility open 24/7 for customers. A large packing lot is just in front of the Gate. Moreover, the facility location is very near “Bund, People Square, and Yangpu Bridge” , Therefore, no matter you live in Pudong-side or Puxi-side, you can always have very easy access to your products. 


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